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2022 Best Nebraska Movers & NE Moving Companies

If you are thinking about moving to Nebraska (NE), you might still have some doubts in your mind about the place. Moving to this region can be thrilling, especially if you know what you are dealing with. Read on to find out more about moving to Nebraska and the various resources this place has to offer.

Whether you move to Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, or other cities, you can fill out our form and get the information about moving companies in Nebraska, its reputation and moving quotes for your relocation.

Moving to Nebraska

If you are thinking about shifting to Nebraska, you might still have some doubts in your mind about the place. The state of Nebraska at first, might seem just like any of the other US states out there. However, this city has much more to offer than what meets the eye. While moving can certainly be exciting and rewarding at the same time, it is important that you gain some essential information about the place that you are shifting to. This helps you to plan accordingly for the new area and make yourself familiar with the place and surroundings.

Nebraska produces almost a major part of the country’s corn and from the top, one can spot miles and miles filed with corn fields. This is why Nebraska is also called the Cornhusker State. Moving to this region can be thrilling, especially if you know what you are dealing with. Read on to find out more about moving to Nebraska and the various resources this place has to offer.

Nebraska has great natural beauty and a rich history. The place is sandwiched by the Midwestern US states and the Great Plains. The land was also home to the indigenous people of Omaha, Ponca, Missouri, Otoe among others. The region has a high living standard and the people are skilled in both farming and white collar jobs. The job market of Nebraska is one of the best in the US. Although, the taxes are high, the state has one of the lowest costs of living.

Main areas

Some of the main cities of Nebraska are:

  • – Lincoln which is a well developed place rich in opportunities. Some of the major companies have their offices here and jobs can be found easily.
  • – Nebraska City, which is excellent for cycling and hiking. The place has beautiful trees and an abandoned rail road corridor.
  • – Papillion is place which has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the US. Housing is affordable here, the schools are great and the place boasts a vibrant downtown.
  • – The biggest city, Omaha has some great universities and a solid job market. The place attracts students from all over the US.
  • – Gering and Grand Island are places filled with springs, parks, valleys, flora and fauna. The places are extremely beautiful in spring and are perfect for recreational activities.

Pros and Cons of moving to Nebraska

Pros of moving to Nebraska

  • – There is a low population density in this region and hence there are more opportunities present for people. Overall, the quality of life is high and relaxed.
  • – The state ranks overall 9th in the nation when it comes to education. The place has around 20 universities and the overall tuition debt is also much less.
  • – The region comes first for economic opportunities due to a strong presence of agriculture and farming.

Cons of moving to Nebraska

  • – Some people might find this place unsuitable for them as there are no nearby oceans or mountain ranges here.
  • – Nebraska witnesses some of the highest number of tornadoes in the US.
  • – The place becomes very frigid during winter with string cold winds blowing about the place.

Average cost of moving to Nebraska

The overall average cost of living in Nebraska is around 22% lower than the national average. Low density population and miles of land has made it possible for living costs to be significantly lower than other places. The average household income of people in Nebraska is $44162 per year. You are thinking about moving to Nebraska, you can expect some pretty cheap prices for housing. Rest depends on the total cost of moving and the cost borne by the company.

How can Nebraska moving companies’ reviews help you

When you want to move to Nebraska, you might want to seek the services of reliable Nebraska moving companies. These companies will assist in every process of shifting with your luggage, furniture and any other items you want with you. However, there are a lot of moving companies to choose from. Thus, it is vital you go through the reviews of the different companies which will give you an idea of the quality of their services and the cost. The best movers in Nebraska will ensure that you have a hassle free experience while moving and get to experience the best of the place you are shifting to.

Benefits of Hiring Nebraska Moving Company

Moving to Nebraska doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Before starting your search, make sure you’ve gone through the following:

1. They Have More Experience Than You

Do you know how to maneuver an extra-wide couch through a standard door frame? Professional movers do — they go through intensive training so they can handle your belongings with ease. They can box up smaller belongings so that they’re transferred safely across the country.

2. It’s More Efficient

You’d probably have to spend weeks packing up your house if you did it by yourself. Bringing in a professional moving service means that you put that responsibility on someone else. And, because they’re pros, they can quickly box and package everything you own. They’ll be equally as efficient when you arrive at your new home. Cross-country moving companies will quickly unload and unpack your items in the right rooms.

3. It’s Safer

It’s easy to hurt yourself while carrying heavy items — unless you know what you’re doing. Professional movers do, and they will carefully transport your things — no need to hurt yourself in the process of moving.

4. They Have the Equipment

On that note, professional movers will have the tools required to move your belongings with ease. They can stack a half-dozen boxes on a dolly and roll them into your house. They’ll also have tarps and moving blankets to keep things padded and protected from water. If you did it yourself, you’d have to buy all of this equipment on your dime.

5. You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Finally, knowing that a professional company is handling your cross-country move will give you peace of mind. Studies have shown that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Taking some of that strain off of your shoulders is advisable. Hiring someone to helm part of the move will surely reduce stress pre-move.

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