If you are planning to move your home to a new location then you will have to take care of a number of things including hiring a company to move your belongings as well as renting a unit to store them at the next destination. Along with meeting up various types of costs for moving your home, you also have to bear the cost of boxes made of cardboard to pack your belongings to make moving safe, secured and easy.

Where to Get Free Boxes

Though the cost of recycled boxes can be a bit reasonable but the main problem is where to get free boxes to make your moving more inexpensive.

Free Moving Boxes in the Car

10 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

There are a number of locations where you can get free cardboard boxes to pack your belongings for moving your home. 10 places to find free moving boxes are briefly described in this write-up to help you in this regard. However, to pack some of the items like mirrors and TV etc you will have to find specially designed boxes. Still you can get free boxes from some of the places discussed here under for moving your home in a very cost-effective manner.

Box Exchange of U-Haul

: People across the country can contact Customer Connect Box Exchange of U-Haul to find supplies for moving your home. You can find someone near your location to provide you boxes for moving your home just by entering keywords like ‘free boxes’ or your location on the website of U-Haul. Normally people who have recently moved their home give away moving boxes for free to get rid of a number of them in their house.


: You can find anything and everything in this online marketplace. You can find a local page of Craigslist containing information about a wide range of things from job listings to couches for sale to choose as per your requirements. The ‘free’ section of its website can help you in finding moving boxes given away by others who have used them recently. You can also give away moving boxes and other supplies through this site after moving your home to the next destination.

Liquor Stores

: If there is a liquor store near your residence then you can also ask their manager, if he can provide you some boxes he has received with the monthly shipment of the lot of wine. Though these boxes are not made for this purpose still you can easily use them for moving your belongings. You can get more boxes if there is a larger liquor store in your area.

Community Groups

: You can also connect with an online local community to ask for moving boxes. It can be one of the best ways to get moving boxes for free. Your community network can ask communities in the neighborhood as well as in the surrounding areas to meet your requirement. Usually such community sites have a section for ‘classified things’ which they use to give away free things like moving boxes etc. If someone in the community has moved in then there are great chances that you can get moving boxes for free as they may want to get rid of them. You can also find Facebook groups in your area to ask their members for this regard.

Neighbors and friends

: Asking in the neighborhood and friends can also be a good way of finding moving boxes for free. You can call them, send a text message or meet them personally to ask them if they have recently moved or have received some deliveries so that they can give to a few boxes they can spare for you. You can also post your requirements on various social media platforms as they are used round the clock by almost everyone in this world. Someone can contact you to help you in getting free moving boxes.


: Local bookstores, big and small, can also help you a lot in getting boxes for packing and moving some of your belongings for free. One thing is sure that these boxes will be strong enough as books that were packed in them can be heavy. So you should not hesitate to ask the bookstores near the university and local college for this purpose.

Large Retailers

: Some of the large retailers in your area can also provide you moving boxes for free as they may have received their supplies in big and strong boxes. You can also get various types of boxes from local stores like Costco, Walmart, Office Depot and Home Depot etc. as they usually receive shipment almost every day.

Grocery Stores

: You can also find a lot of large boxes from local large as well as small grocery stores in your area. Most of the grocery stores receive their supplies daily or weekly according to their requirements to provide fresh items to their customers. You can tell the manager of the grocery store about your requirement so that he can help you whenever he receives the next consignment.


: At your workplace or from other offices you can also find a few boxes for free to pack some of your belongings while moving your home. Some of the offices receive reams of paper after every second day in the boxes with lids made of paper. You can also find such boxes in the recycling room of your office if you work in a large office.

Recycling drop off points

: If there is a recycling drop off point near you then you can certainly get moving boxes of your choice. Usually people drop such things at recycling points for get rid of them if they cannot give them away to someone else. There are great chances that you can get enough number of moving boxes for free from this location.

Thus you can find moving boxes for free from any or all the 10 places discussed in this write-up. You try on several places from them at a time to get boxes as per your requirement. In this way you can reduce your moving cost by finding free boxes. Next step is to get long distance movers quotes, compare them and choose the best. Absolutely for free