A long distance move is always so stressful. You uproot your life to start a new one in another state. Not only that, but you have new expenses and extra chores. You can save money on moving expenses. This may not make the transition easy, but it will make it a little less painful.

These five option cover some of the primary ways people save money with a long distance move.

1. Ask Around Among Your Friends

If any friends recently completed a long-distance move, ask for recommendations. Be sure to post a request for recommendations on Facebook in case someone in your larger circle of friends know of someone. You just may stumble on the rare jewel of an inexpensive but good moving service.

However, you may not be so lucky. If you don’t know anyone who completed a long distance move then you may need to rely on other methods to find an affordable long distance moving service.

2. Pack Everything Yourself Then Rent a Uhaul

This option is self explanatory. Collect packing materials like bubble wrap and newspaper in the weeks and months preceding your move. Collect boxes from friends and local grocery stores.pack everything then rent a UHaul and move yourself.

THis can be time consuming and stressful, but you maintain control of the process.

3. Ship Everything or Only Keep What You Can Carry

This may be the cheapest method, but it is also the most labor intensive. You sell or donate anything you don’t need, then you ship almost everything else through the postal service. Look for discounted shipping methods like media mail. Pack one or two bags with your small valuables and everything you need to survive for a week. Then drive or take a bus to your destination.

4. Personally Call Around For Estimates

Hiring a moving company is typically the least stressful option for a long distance move. Chances are you are already very busy getting ready for your new life. You may have projects to wrap up at work or want to spend quality time with friends and family before you go.

The best way to get a good deal on professional movers is to call around. We previously covered options for finding a good moving company at a good price. The key is to shop around and collect estimates from 3 – 5 moving companies. Choose the mover that offers the best combination of value and price.

The one problem with this method is that it is time consuming to call multiple moving companies. Each will want to visit for an estimate so you will end up meeting several of them in your home.

5. Use Our Comparison Tool

You can get the benefits of multiple bids without the stress of calling each moving company. Simply complete the form to gather bids from reasonably priced moving services. Enter the details of your move including:

  • Your current home
  • Your future home
  • How many rooms you currently live in, for example if you live in a two bedroom home or a three bedroom home.
  • Any other special details for your move.

Our tool will collect estimates from best out of state moving companies. You may need to have additional conversations to finalize the details. Our goal is to save you time and make your life easier.

You save time, money, and stress while professional movers pack and move your possessions. You can save even more money if you do some of the preparation work like packing for yourself. Be sure to talk to your mover in detail and get a written, detailed estimate.

Your long distance move doesn’t have to be painfully expensive or stressful. You have options to choose how involved you want to be. If you are a hands-on person then you can choose to oversee the process or pack your more fragile items. On the other hand, you could delegate the entire task to professional movers.