1. movingrelocation.com

Movingrelocation.com is the most reliable website for comparing quotes of different moving companies. By the help of this website, you can find the cheapest out of state mover within a minute.

With an experience of more than 20 years in the field, this online platform has provided a moving solution for more than 897,567 Families. The only thing you have to do is just a simple form and they will provide you with best suitable options for your moving.

The motto of the service is to provide the masses with moving services at affordable rates. The website claims that you can save up to $100 within a minute by comparing quotes from licensed moving companies.

They rate the moving companies on the following terms:

  • The company should be insured and licensed
  • Must have policies regarding worker compensation and disability funds
  • Companies are personally inspected
  • The BBB rating is considered
  • Customer feedbacks are noted and updated regularly

Barbara S., a satisfied customer states:

“We are so pleased with the service to provide by the moving company that we found using this (movingrelocation.com)…”

2. Gentle Moving

Gentle Moving is another online platform for comparing price quotes of different reputable moving companies.

You just have to follow 3 simple steps to get the best quotes from this website:

  • First step: just fill up a simple form on their website, stating all the details about your move. For example which state you are moving to? When are you planning to move to? What is the size of your goods? After providing the information about your move, give your personal details. The information you provide will remain safe.
  • Second step: once you have submitted the form, the website will provide you with the best moving service in your local region.
  • Third step: in case you want more suggestions, remember gentlemoving.net provides FREE NO OBLIGATIONquotes up to 6 moving companies.

A happy customer, Renee Rogers shared his experience, as per the customer:

“It worked like magic. In less than an hour, I got 5 moving quotes and booked my move…”

3. Best Mover Quote

Best Mover Quote is the place where you will get one of the highest customer satisfaction rates; almost 97% of their customers are pleased with their service and further recommend this online platform to others, who are looking to find reliable and cheap long distance movers.

You can book a moving service as low as $895 and save up to 60% on your moving expense. According to the website, if selected wisely, professional movers can be cheaper than renting a truck. The salient features of this service are:

  • All the moving companies on the website are registered and licensed
  • free comparing up to 6 companies
  • Absolutely safe, almost 99% of the customers have moved without claiming any property damage from 2013 up till now.

One of the many customers, who was pleased with the services, stated:

“I moved from PA to Texas and I was extremely happy from the moving company, I contracted through this website…”

best out of state moving companies

4. Mayflower Transit

Mayflower transit is a reputable moving company, operating since 1927. The company is famous for providing affordable short and long moving services and is considered one of the best out of state moving companies in the United States of America. Currently, the organization has over 500 agents and 650 locations throughout the country.

In addition to the conventional packing and transportation services which guarantee a safe and secure process, the Mayflower Transit offers many innovative services which are possible due to the advanced technology that the company is equipped with. For example, Precise Track and MayTrack are the two services by which the customer can track their shipment 24/7.

5. Bekins

Bekins is one of the oldest moving companies in the US which started back in 1891. This is one of those companies which started with nothing and now they have everything; the company is present at about 250 locations in the country.

One of their core specialities is the transportation of household goods, in which they are coming up with unique innovations to make the process easy, safe and reliable. Moreover, their other services include storage, packing, shipping and employ relocation. This company also provides moving services to the government, military and other private organizations.

Their customer reviews can be searched online and even on their own website. One of their customers’ name states:

“Our driver was excellent. He worked hard and was courteous. I wish I could hire him to work for my company…”

6. Arpin Van Lines

Arpin Van Lines, with an impressive BBB rating of A+, is s working in the industry for more than 118 years. The company comes under the name of Arpin group and has 330 domestic agents throughout the country.

The professional service that you will get from this company is unmatched due to the experience of the organization in the field. Moreover, it provides relocation services to the military and many reputable private organizations.

7. North American Van Lines

The North American Van Lines has been in the business since 1933 and has a network of more than 500 agents nationwide.

The company provides a full-service, customizable moving solution; with a wide range of services provided by the company, you can change and customize a plan according to your needs.

Moreover, the company is equipped with a satellite tracking system which enables you to track your shipment anytime and anywhere!  With more than 80 years of experience in the moving industry, this company has the capability to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free relocation.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company that has the relevant experience and also offers a wide range of moving services then the North American Van Lines is the best out of state moving companies for you.

8. Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Unlike others, this company is famous for its quality moving service worldwide. The startup of this company was small and simple, but day by day evolved and now this company has become one of the biggest names of the moving industry.

It has more than 250 agents working domestically with more than 4,000 employees working under the banner, to provide you with best moving services.

9. Atlas Van Lines

The Atlas Van Lines is the 2nd largest company in North America. The company is certified by the American Moving & Storage Association as ProMover which is the highest certification in the country.

Like many other reputable moving companies, Atlas Van Lines also provides services to government and armed forces. The notable services of the company include:

  • Long distant moves
  • Local Moves
  • Auto transport
  • Small moves

The moving company also offers international moves and is a certified member of many international associations like:

  • Registered International Mover
  • E European Mover Partnership
  • International Association of Movers

If you are a member of AAA, then you will save up to 600 dollars on every move. The reason for choosing this company is that it has more than 400 agents working and chances are you might find one near you!

10. United Van Lines

With a track record of more than 90 years in the field, United Van Lines is one of the most experienced and reliable moving company in the US. According to AAA, their 5000+ drivers have travelled more than 135 billion miles. In short, the experience of this company is second to none.

United Van Lines provides more services than any other moving service, making it the most popular choice of the people who look to move out of state.

Conclusion on the Best Out of State Moving Companies

To conclude, moving out of state is an expensive and complex process which requires your time and hard earned money. Therefore, we recommend you to always choose the best service, so you don’t have to regret your decision later on.

And by selecting any of the above-mentioned companies you won’t complain!